Choose and Cut FAQ’S

Why Choose and Cut your tree?

The experience and a guaranteed fresh tree. Walking thru the fields of live trees with your family to select the perfect tree will make memories and hopefully a cherished tradition. You will personally get to know the family that grew the tree and get a glimpse of farm life.

This is my first time on a choose and cut farm – what should I expect?

There will be many farm signs along the roadway guiding you to the farm of your choice. Each farm will vary to some degree, but most provide a measuring pole and someone to cut your tree. Some also provide hand saws if you would like to cut your own tree. After cutting, the tree will be taken to the loading area, baled or wrapped, and tied onto your vehicle if requested. Many farms provide refreshments, and other activities to make your visit memorable. Check with the farm before visiting if you have any questions about their level of service or activities.

Also, be sure check out the next section for information about weather and getting around on the farms!

How can I prepare for my trip to the farm?

Dress for the weather. It is usually cool to cold or colder during choose and cut season. Bring gloves and mittens, and warm coats or jackets. We do not recommend flip flops. We have also provided a local weather link for your convenience.
The terrain on the farms is just that – terrain. There are rocks, groundhog holes, hills, valleys, and uneven ground. Many farms provide wagon or hay rides to the fields, and getting about is not challenging for most.

And remember – Farms aren’t paved. If it has been rainy or snowing there will be mud. Please prepare for this.

What methods of payments do the farms accept?

Please check with the specific farm you are planning to visit for this information.

Will my Navigation System/GPS work in the mountains?

Your system will work – But do not rely on it to take the best route. Many unimproved roads are on the NC DOT map and  the Nav system might take you somewhere you do not want to go. Please just use the directions on the website or call the farm you plan to visit for clear directions if needed.

Will my choose and cut tree last until Christmas?

Many pre-cut trees offered for sale on tree lots are cut weeks before they reach their lot location and it is hard to maintain freshness for such a long period of time. Choose and cut is the best way to guarantee freshness. However, proper tree care when your tree is in your home is especially important. Please refer to the tree care link for information to insure that your tree maintains optimal freshness throughout the holiday season

How old is my tree?

The Fraser fir seedlings are three years old and about a foot tall when planted on the farm. From planting it takes seven to eight years to reach six feet tall. So a six foot tree is ten to eleven years old and has been meticulously cared for by hand each year.

Why visit the Evergreen Trail Christmas Farms?

Our farms are closer to  the Piedmont and Charlotte areas than many others, and the Evergreen Trail Christmas Farms offer a great selection of Fraser  fir trees  for you to choose from.