Evergreen Trail Tree

Nestled in the mountains of Western North Carolina where cool temperatures and higher altitudes offer the perfect environment for cultivating Christmas trees, you will find our signature Evergreen Trail Trees.

Chosen for their beauty, resilience and fragrance by discerning admirers, including the White House, these Fraser Firs are the perfect family holiday tradition.
Our Evergreen Trail Trees are pleasing to the eye. Uniform and pyramid-shaped, our Fraser Firs grow tall and slender, making them an ideal choice for any sized space. They feature tight, soft needles that stay longer than any other Christmas tree, strong branches that hold even heavier ornaments, and a long-lasting holiday aroma—just a few of the reasons why our trees are so cherished season after season.

This holiday season, we invite you to experience an invigorating journey through Alleghany County to find your perfect family tree.

Before heading our way, you can learn more about Evergreen Trail Tree facts, sustainability issues, and tree care, so you can enjoy your Evergreen Trail Tree with family and friends throughout the holiday season.